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What is an XML API?

The TC XML API solution enables 3rd party developers to utilize exisiting TC products and deliver them in their own presentation. Our solution significantly improves support for 3rd party devlopers by:

  • Automating frequent or time consuming tasks to increase productivity and quality
  • Adding client specific custom features
  • Allowing for "Branding" of the display with custom graphics
  • Allowing for "Branding" email communication sent to customers

Why use the TC XML API?

Access is via a standard IP line or SSL. No additional software is required as connections are through the internet.

  • Our XML API is based on OTA standards
  • Our XML API solution provides online access to a complete range of TC applications
  • Build and update travel booking applications without any service disruption
  • A single, secure point of access to connect to all TC content without any direct interference with existing systems
  • Quick and easy to replace old applications, enjoy complete flexibility and freedom to exploit the best available technology

Track flights, airports & more

Add powerful real-time flight and airport information to your current travel products & services with TC's robust Data Feeds. Our accurate, reliable flight data is available for integration with websites, airport and hospitality displays, and scheduling and dispatching software for ground transportation or aviation companies. Improve your operational efficiency, enhance your customers' travel experience, and score higher customer satisfaction points by providing TC's information in your products and services. Travel Connectivity Data Feeds provide industry standard interfaces that can be customized with a variety of flight content to suit your audience's needs. Contact us to speak with an account manager who can help you better understand TC's Data Feeds and discuss your flight data options.

  • Flight schedule and real-time departure and arrival information
  • Flight delay and cancellation information
  • Real-time airport delay information
  • Configurable data content and flexible query interface
  • XML standard format
  • Delivered via the Internet
  • Instantly enhance your products & services with valuable, up-to-date content
  • Streamline your operation by integrating flight information into your scheduling and dispatching applications
  • Enable users to verify flight schedules ahead of time
  • Adjust to same-day flight delays and cancellations
  • Reduce your users' need to call airports and airlines and gain increased efficiency
  • Drive more product sales, increased website traffic, and larger audiences

See booking engine demo>

Unique support for developers

TC's Application Interface Solutions website is specifically designed to assist programmers develop customized travel applications quickly and easily.

  • Detailed XML samples for all transactions
  • Detailed code samples
  • Dedicated API support
  • Best practices shared
  • "How to" - easy to follow reference guide material

See booking engine demo>



      This demo showcases a .Net / Ajax flight booking form with its fare display result page, payment processing that fully allows to sale flights on the Internet. CSS is customizable.


      Alliance travel is an example of private lable site using Travel Connectivity's technoklogy for its flights


      This the demo of the cruise booking engine designed in Ajax/ Net allowing to pick and choose the right cruise


      Example of priovate lable implementation of .Net booking form with cruise option display result page, payment processing, all in Ajax technology


      Send us an email to schedule a demo. We will set up a video conference and create a private login for you to visualize the many features available.

      XML API

      Send us an email to receive a documentation and schedule a conference call discuss your technical needs.


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