Booking Engine

What does a booking engine do?

The Travel Connectivity (TC) Booking Engine powers travel sites by providing the technology and the content necessary to sell and book travel online. It encompasses the connection to the travel suppliers, the display of fares, travel content, precise pricing capabilities detailed up to the origin and destination level, as well as the system managing of the flow of the reservation itself. In short, the TC booking engine is a complete solution, that automates every step associated with distributing travel online, from the display of travel content (itinerary, rates, descriptions, images) all the way to the payment and confirmation process.

  • Searches multiple data sources
  • Includes privately negotiated rates
  • Provides ability to add a mark up
  • Finds the lowest available fares
  • Displays search results for air, hotel, car, cruise, activities and insurance
  • Makes reservations and accepts payments in a secure environment
  • Sends confirmation emails

What is a booking engine comprised of?

The Travel Connectivity (TC) Booking Engine is comprised of; a connection to travel suppliers, back office, booking form, fare results pages with user controls, and a payment processing/confirmation system. Additionally, the TC booking engine comes with a middleware that allows a granular control over travel sites, through the management of content, sites, users, bookings, sourcing and pricing. Travel connectivity also provides additional access to price competitive, commissionable content with its consolidator net rates program. The TC booking engine is highly customizable to the clients' needs and is fast and easy to implement.

  • Travel supplier connections
  • Bookable content: air, hotels, cars, cruises, activities and insurance
  • Internet pages with a booking form and results page
  • Destination information
  • Secure reservation and payment processing system

Travel Agents - distribute your content online

Travel Connectivity (TC) enables travel agents to sell travel on the Internet while still offering a personalized experience by way of customization. Travel Connectivity can assist travel agencies with all aspects of managing their business online; this includes web development, web design, front/middle/back office automation, web analytics, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and search engine conversion. TC solutions aim at making each customer competitive, in an environment where profit margins are under a tremendous amount of pressure. The TC Booking Engine works with all GDSs ( Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan). Travel Connectivity has a wide range of solutions for travel agents who don't have a GDS connection or an active contract with Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre or Worldspan.

  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Establish an online presence with air, hotel, car, cruise, activities and insurance
  • Ability to book more high commission content
  • Control over pricing, sourcing, front/middle & back office
  • Receive assistance from knowledgeable staff
  • Complete solution including full or partial hosting
  • Instant access to comprehensive content

See booking engine demo>

Optimizing Business for Consolidators

Travel Connectivity (TC) can give consolidators a B2B and B2C presence with the TC booking engine. The distribution that is so vital to succeed in today's competitive environment can be easily implemented. The TC B2B booking engine offers secure logins and user registration protection. Consolidators need to keep a competitive position and increase their productivity by reducing their costs. Travel Connectivity offers multi-channel distribution that can help consolidators increase their revenues.

  • Benefit from lowering costs and getting faster results
  • Focus on your core business - your customers
  • Control your markups by: airline, from/to City, departure date range and class of service
  • Dynamic packaging of air, hotels, cars, cruises, activities and insurance
  • Back office reporting
  • Complimentary sourcing

See booking engine demo>



      This demo showcases a flight booking form, with fare display results page and payment processing that fully supports online sales. The CSS is fully customizable. is an example of a private label site using Travel Connectivity's technology for it's website.


      This the demo of the cruise booking engine allowing customers to pick and choose their preferred option. Example of private label implementation booking form with cruise option display result page, payment processing, all in Ajax technology


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